Encounters with sound art

One of our first briefs on the MA is a collaborative curatorial project, with a broad theme of Sound.

If you’d have asked me a couple of years ago, I’d have said I didn’t “get” sound art. More recently I’ve seen / heard more sound artworks and gained a greater appreciation. I’ve found many to be evocative, moving or amusing! But particularly moving. Sound is immediate in engaging emotions and memories. Many pieces also have a strong visual element, often with film. I’m including audio-visual artworks, where the work sound is a (or the) prominent element.

I’m interested in work that presents visual representations of sound and in ways of making audio work accessible to deaf and hearing impaired people, whether via transcripts or more creative means.

Sound art I’ve experienced recently



12 Sound Artists Changing Your Perception of Art on ArtsNet

With a possible trip to Berlin on the horizon, we find that the city is at the forefront of sound art experimentation.



Starting an MA in Curation Practices

I’m Gill Crawshaw and this blog is where I’ll be recording my thoughts, reflections and ideas for an MA in Curation Practices at Leeds Arts University.   Go to the About page for more information on the course and to find out more about me.

I’ll be writing a mixture of rough notes as well as considered blog posts, and everything in between. This blog will be mt reflective journal. Some of my ideas might change as I go along and learn more about the subject.

The course started in September 2017 and I’m studying full time for a year. I have a particular interest in disability arts but I want to use this time to learn about curation in a range of contexts. However, I won’t lose sight of my commitment to inclusivity and accessibility.