loiner or


I enjoyed re-visiting the archive-based Pavilion exhibition, Interwoven Histories (2017) at Armley Mills Industrial Museum. The exhibition has now been extended with a delicate and intriguing sound sculpture, loiner or, by Ryoko Akama.

img_5966It uses objects from the museum, but also sounds. Voices recorded at local community groups over the course of the project, plus tantalising snippets from a 1966 study of local dialects float out of parts of the fragile and sprawling sculpture which is in three parts throughout the room. It’s a beautiful and complex work, both contemporary and antiquated, due to the materials used: tailoring scissors, shuttles, transmitters, fold-out portable coat-hangers, a large cardboard box.

The sound is so gentle, you can barely hear it at times. It floats on the imagination, barely tethered by the fine electronic wires above our heads.

Another lovely example of the effectiveness and connectivity of sound art.



Akama, R. (2018) loiner or [Installation] Armley Mills Industrial Museum, Leeds (Viewed: 9 February 2018).

Interwoven Histories (2017) [Exhibition] Industrial Museum at Armley Mills, Leeds. 10 October 2017 – 1 April 2018.


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